Atlantic Council of the United Kingdom

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Who We Are


The Atlantic Council of the United Kingdom is an independent non-governmental charity organisation whose purpose is to and educate and promote the values of peace and international order, as underpinned in the North Atlantic Treaty from 1949. 

With official recognition by the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) and the UK Government departments of the Foreign & Commonwealth Office and the Ministry of Defence, our team of experts also provide essential policy analysis and advice to businesses, policy makers and other organisations about security threats and international affairs affecting the UK.

As an organisation, we are deeply devoted to engaging public debate on topics surrounding the UK's place in the contemporary international security framework. Working with appropriate government departments, international organisations and non-governmental bodies we channel such information to the public, as we attempt to encourage active engagement and participation in the fields of international relations, diplomacy and foreign policy. The reason why do this is because we fundamentally believe that education and discussion is essential element to improving and maintaining global peace by reaching all age groups. 


We are particularly focused on engaging an uniquely broad cross-section of society, spanning not only fields of expertise but particularly age groups. Our ultimate aim is to work to help prevent war through building a healthy, vigorous and inclusive discourse on international affairs, facilitating dialogue across the most disparate parts of society.


What We Do


The Atlantic Council is a diverse organisation running numerous programmes and initiatives with a variety of focuses. It also has an established and dynamic Research Division which brings our young analysts together with experts in order to build their skills and publishing portfolios, as well as to continue to publish our occasional research pieces. Alongside conferences, briefing policy makers and regular seminars the Council is also the UK body of the Atlantic Treaty Association and Youth Atlantic Treaty Association.


Getting Involved


The Atlantic Council is an entirely volunteer based charity; we survive through the generosity of supporters, and of course our Members. These supporters enable the Council to continue its mission, engaging our public on NATO and international affairs, and building knowledge and understanding amongst our Members, from budding professionals to seasoned experts.


Supporters engage with the Council through partnerships, sponsorship, and membership and directly contributed to the success of the Council. For more information please visit our support section to find out how you can become more involved or contribute to our efforts.