Membership and Support

Why Join the Atlantic Council of the United Kingdom?


Our Members' contributions allow our volunteers to work hard for them. From exclusive visits to official establishments or seminars, workshops and conferences, we have a range of activities that leverage our long history of over 60 years at the heart of Transatlantic Affairs.



Furthermore, through our links with our umbrella organisation, the Atlantic Treaty Association, as well as other Atlantic Councils around the world, Members gain access to heavily subsidised visits to prestigious conferences, drawing senior officials, military officers, politicians and academics from countries as disparate as Portugal and Pakistan. Recent visits by Members have included Belgium, Estonia, France, Lithuania, Montenegro, and Portugal.


The Atlantic Council aims to publish the research of its Research Associates and provide it to its members on a frequent basis. Topics of interest include NATO's response to terrorism, the future of NATO, and its current priorities.


Career Opportunities

The Atlantic Council is a research lead charity that puts knowledge at the centre of everything we do. Because of this, we're always looking for new research staff to join the team and contribute their knowledge, time and experience to contribute towards improving global peace. We have a wide variety of posts available and are always looking for new people to contribute articles and their research. Under the assistance of Dr. Andrew Campion, researchers are able to advance their career forwards with opportunities to publish their findings in journals and academic papers. If you're interested to find a role that fits you click the link below.