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Career Opportunities

Research Analyst

The role of a Research Analyst at the Atlantic Council is to provide up to date research and analysis. It can be a broad post encompassing a whole range of different areas and specialisms, from analysing the impact of Russian Propaganda to identifying the best strategies for combating Ebola, our Research Analysts cover a host of subjects and provide a Gold Standard of Research unmatched across other organisations.


Policy Analyst

Policy Analysts focus upon connecting the Atlantic Council to policy makers worldwide. From face to face briefings of MP’s and Senior Officials, to hasty briefing notes pulled together as a crisis unfolds. Our Policy Analyst provide on the spot guidance to decision makers, based upon their extensive knowledge, research and experience.


Public Relations Specialist

How do you find out about what is going on in the world? The Atlantic Council’s Public Relations Specialists provide the link from the Atlantic Council to the wider public. From running media campaigns, co-ordinating press briefings and dynamically using social media. Public Relations Specialists understand it is not just the message that is important, it is also making sure people can hear it.


The Research Division currently only has voluntary and un-paid positions available, however if you are interested in being considered for a position please email your CV and Covering letter to:

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