New Research Division into Cyber Warfare.  

9th April 2020

On the 9th of April 2020 Global Diplomacy Masters Student, Phoebe Sullivan successfully published her first research article for the Atlantic Council of the United Kingdom. Sullivan's research aims to focus on key areas of hybrid warfare security threats affecting the NATO Alliance. Phoebe is currently studying at SOAS University and has a special interest in hybrid threats. Her current dissertation that she is working on looks into asymmetric threats, particularly that of disinformation. 

Ms. Sullivan's passion and interest into cyber warfare is a particularly useful asset to the Atlantic Council of the United Kingdom. She will succesfully join other esteemed academics who are also focusing their time researching this novel domain of war.

Her first article closely examines the theory behind why cyber warfare is used to achieve political goals in the modern age of state security. The article mainly serves as an introduction into explaining what the domain is and why it should be deemed a serious tool for defensive and offensive operations by military forces. The article is titled 'Cyber Warfare: Evolving the Modern Battlefield' and can be accessed on the cyber warfare tab on the drop down menu. In this section of the website Ms. Sullivan also aims to provide the council with further research into this field of security in the future as a regular contributor.

To read this particular article and other cyber warfare analysis please click here. 

NATO 70th Anniversary Dinner and Foreign and Commonwealth Lecture Seminar

30th December 2019

In celebration of the 70th of the North Atlantic Treaty signing, the Atlantic Council of the United Kingdom hosted a formal dinner at the East India Club and a lecture seminar kindly hosted at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO). The lecture seminar at the was primarily aimed towards students from a range of high profile Universities including Kings College London, London School of Economics, Cambridge and Oxford Universities. The lectures and seminars aimed to provide students with an insight into the mechanics of how the FCO operates, particularly focusing on the UK's delegation to the NATO Alliance. 


In the evening, the Atlantic Council hosted a fine dinner at the East India Club in St. James where members and esteemed guests met and heard a stimulating after dinner speech from Professor Eric Grove who spoke about how the Royal Navy protects the UK and NATO Alliance maritime security, drawing upon new technologies including cyber and other hybrid threats.  

Updated Website and New Addition of Member's Portal and Magazine

11th April 2019

The Atlantic Council of the UK is happy to announce the release of our new website. The update is deigned to be more user friendly with a fresh new look. The update features a new member's site portal, which is easier for members to sign up to events including dinners, NATO briefings and workshops. As well as event management, the portal also includes exclusive member only content including monthly commentary on current affairs with one of our experts, downloadable copies of the Atlantic Council Magazines and publications as well as a restricted area for Educational Institute members only.


In this Educational Institute Area, members can enjoy benefits such as information about NATO during the Cold War, aimed directly at school teachers of GCSE and A-Level politics and history subjects. In addition to educational resources, Educational Institutes can also benefit from access to approved speakers and panellists. This is a great opportunity for both schools and universities alike to engage students in discussions about NATO and International Relations.  

If you'd like to become a member of the Atlantic Council of the UK and benefit from these exclusive member-only features, click here find out more. 

Atlantic Council UK Delegation Visits NATO HQ and SHAPE 

4th April 2019


Students from Cambridge University, Essex University and Swansea University have been invited as part of NATO's youth engagement programme to visit the New NATO HQ in Brussels, and SHAPE in Mons for two days. During the visit, students took part in asking questions to the Public Engagement and Diplomacy team, as well as to NATO allies' military officers. 

The Atlantic Council of the UK was kindly invited by NATO to take part in the youth engagement programme, and is one of the key events that the Atlantic Council of the UK participates in. It's also an important opportunity for students to understand the role of NATO in addressing and confronting emerging security threats such as hybrid and cyber warfare, which is believed to be a greater threat than conventional weaponry. 

By clicking on our gallery, the photos of the briefing are shown.

Professor Jamie Shea Appointed as Vice President of ACUK

9th December 2018


We are pleased to announce that Professor Jamie Shea has been appointed the position of Vice President within the Atlantic Council of the United Kingdom. Professor Shea recently retired from NATO, after working there for 40 years. During his long career at NATO, he served as the Deputy Assistant General for Emerging Security Challenges as well as also the NATO spokesperson during the Kosovo War in 1999. 

This is what the President of the Atlantic Council of the UK, Professor Alan Lee Williams said about the announcement of the appointment of Professor Shea, "Jamie has been a keen supporter and regular visitor to the Atlantic Council events, we look forward to having a closer working relationship with him into his retirement from NATO". 

Click here to watch a video of Professor Jamie Shea delivering a NATO press conference about the Kosovo War. 

NATO and the Northern Europe and Baltic States Workshop

29th November 2018


The Atlantic Council of the United Kingdom recently held a successful lecture-seminar workshop at the East India Club in London on the 28th of November. The event was attended by students from Oxford University, King's College London, Brunel University London, Cardiff University, Essex University and Nottingham College. 

The focus on the lecture-seminar workshops was to develop an understanding for the security situation with regards to Russian activity close to and near to NATO allies of the Baltic states and Northern Europe. With talks by Professor Jamie Shae, Professor Eric Grove and Col John Andreas Olson who all spoke about the recent NATO exercise, Trident Juncture. 

For video analysis of the event, please click here.

'Much Integrity Built?' Magazine Published By Jack Davies

15th September 2018


We are proud to announce that the Jack Davies from the Atlantic Council of the UK has published his first academic article in our annual magazine. The title of the report is 'Much Integrity Built?'. The article questions discusses the question of if NATO is relevant in the modern era as well as other topical questions relating to NATO as an institution and the challenges it faces. 

For non-members to purchase a copy of the publication please contact us. Alternatively members can either view or download their free copy from signing into the portal, which is in PDF format. 

Lord Carrington Obituary  

10th July 2018

The Atlantic Council of the United Kingdom was sad to hear about the passing of Lord Peter Carrington on Monday the 9th of July, 2018. Throughout his life he has served in a number of notable offices, including as the Sixth Secretary General of NATO between the years of 1984 - 1988, Foreign Secretary of the UK and most recently as Father of the House of Lords for eleven years. 

The President of the Atlantic Council of the United Kingdom, Professor Alan Lee Williams wishes to give the following statement about the sad loss of Lord Carrington, "It was a great sadness to hear of the passing of Peter Carrington. He was a long term supporter of the Atlantic Council of the United Kingdom and has been very generous with his time, he will truly be missed".