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Youth Engagement Programme


The next generation of leaders are already schools and universities across the country today.


Bringing over 50 years of history to bear, one of the Atlantic Council's primary purposes is to connect the leaders of the future with those of today. 

Through our worldwide Atlantic Council network, we support our young members aged 18-35, drawn from a diverse range of academic and professional backgrounds, to participate in high profile international events, such at NATO General and Parliamentary Assemblies, NATO and SHAPE Briefing Visits, seminars, lectures and workshops.

In the UK, our work extends widely, both geographically and thematically. In a world where the very notion of the 'international' is constantly being re-appraised or challenged, we understand that nothing remains constant for long. Least of all international security, which is increasingly comprising spheres such as cyber, Critical National Infrastructure (CNI), and even the financial system. 

From our Masterclass Series in conjunction with Embassies across London, to our national World Order Seminar Series (WOSS), we provide young people the mouthpiece with which to be heard and politicians, senior officials, military personnel and academics the earpiece with which to listen.  

Through our world-class fora on current and emerging matters of state, the Council connects the present to the future, enhancing the discourse on world affairs not only by giving senior leaders a means to engage, but by empowering our young members as stakeholders in a prosperous future.


For more information and to join the Atlantic Council's Youth Leadership development programme please email your CV and Covering letter to:




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