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The Atlantic Council of the United Kingdom offers a selection of analysis available free to download

NATO in 2014

In his piece "Nato in 2014" Jonathan Boulton, discusses the changing nature of the Nato alliance as it moves away from a focus on Afghanistan and towards a focus on contingency planning.

Mind the Gap - The Danger of Anglo-American Division.

In "Mind the Gap" Andreas Stradis discusses the dangers of Anglo-American division and the importance of a continued strong relationship between two of the world's leading democracies.

ACUK Spring 2014 Newsletter

ACUK's Spring 2014 newsletter filled with information on ACUK's activities over the Spring and forethcoming summer months!


Why NATO Matters

In his excellent piece: "Why NATO matters" Member of Parliment, and President of the NATO Assembly, Hugh Bayley strongly argues for the continued relevance and importance of the NATO alliance.

Media and Terrorism - Is Media Terrorists’ tool or a silent ally?

In her piece “Is Media Terrorists’ tool or a silent ally?” Dr Chaditsa Poulatova analyses the relationship between the media and terrorism, and the extent to which the media is willing to give terrorists a disproportionate voice in their quest for ratings.  

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