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Senior Research Fellows

Dr Andreas Stradis


Dr Stradis is a Senior Research Fellow and Member of the Senior Executive Team for the Atlantic Council. He completed a PhD in International Relations at the University of Bristol in 2014. Prior to that, Andreas completed an MSc in IR at the London School of Economics, and an MA in English Literature at Magdalen College, Oxford.


Dr Stradis is currently the Chairman for the Youth Division of the Atlantic Council (known as the Young Atlantic Treaty Association, or YATA), and also co-ordinates the World Order Seminar Series. His research interests include hybrid warfare, Alliance politics and issues over defence capabilities within NATO. Recent publications include 'Thucydides in the Staff College', a chapter in Wiley-Blackwell's volume A Handbook to Thucydides, ed. Christine Lee and Neville Morley.


In his day job, Andreas works for the British Civil Service, and is also currently a serving Army Reserve officer in the City of London.


More of Andreas' research can be found here,and to contact Andreas please email:




Dr Andrew Campion


Dr Campion completed his PhD in International Relations at Newcastle University in 2014.  His research analysis focused on examining the relationship between specific threat perceptions and perceptions of energy security within Western discourse. Andrew’s first book, The Geopolitics of Red Oil, is being published by Routledge and will be released shortly. Alongside being a Senior Research Fellow of the Atlantic Council and a member of the Senior Executive Team Andrew also holds an MA in Political Science (International Relations) from Brock University, and a BA (Hons) in Film Studies and Political Studies from Queen's University.  


Dr Campion is Head of the Atlantic Council's Research Division and is responsible bringing together experts from a range of backgrounds. Uniquely for the Atlantic Council, Andrew is responsible for integrating our Young Researchers into the fold, overseeing their training and development with a view to building their work to a publishable standard and assisting them with their future careers, whether in academia or policy.


More of Andrew's research can be found here, and to contact Andrew please email:




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