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The Atlantic Council works closely with its umbrella organisation, the Atlantic Treaty Association, which has direct links with NATO though maintains its independence. This unparalleled network stretches across the globe, bringing our members access to conferences, speakers, contacts, information and research that goes far beyond the NATO community alone. Many of our Members pay visits to our sister organisations across the globe, as ambassadors of the transatlantic dialogue that our organisation is founded upon supporting.

Our schedule of national events is varied and constantly changing. We run conferences for our Members and non-Members alike, focusing on creating fora for free and open debate on international issues with senior policy makers. Crucially, we aim to involve our Young Members at every stage, whether chairing panels, assisting with planning and coordination, or engaging widely within their professional bodies, academic institutions or militaries in order to help set the agenda and invite friends or colleagues.


Our World Order Seminar Series (WOSS) is our flagship set of events organised on precisely this basis, and done so entirely by our ACUK volunteer staff, the better to ensure that every single meeting maximises the resources available. 


Exclusively for our Young Members, our Masterclass Series enables them to engage with senior defence experts in small groups for intimate discussions of world affairs, enabling them to have unique access to their views and experience, as well as to make their own individual contributions heard at the highest levels.

Drawing on our extensive network, the Atlantic Council is proud to be able to give its Members the benefit of many exclusive Partners, including Embassies, High Commissions, academic institutions, NGOs and other organisations.


We are delighted to announce our most recent piece of cooperation: ACUK is now officially working with the US Embassy on its new Young Leaders UK (YLUK) programme, which will benefit our Young Members with unique opportunities to engage with peers and senior officials alike.


Ambassador Barzun has championed this 'Special Relationship', and we are proud to see that it goes to the heart of the Transatlantic Mission of the Council to forge closer ties with the United States.


From teleconferences to film screenings at the US Embassy itself, the programme, and ACUK's contribution to it, has the aim of building a wide network and an open forum for dialogue and constructive debate on international affairs, and ACUK participants will have exclusive access to a very exciting agenda indeed.


To get involed, simply email and our US Embassy representative will be in touch.


For further information on the YLUK programme, log on to the YLUK microsite

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